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My sister recommended GardenersBalham to me after I saw how lovely her garden looked when they sent their garden design team round to her home. I was equally impressed with how they redesigned my garden.

  • Emma D.

I would hire these gardeners again in a heartbeat. They are very good at what they do and are some of the cheapest in the entire area. I would recommend.

  • Natasha V.

I've used this gardening company a few times now. They've always impressed. I'm going to continue using Landscaping Service Balham.

  • K. Lakeman

I give two thumbs up for the lawn mowing Balham Gardeners has done at my apartment complex.

  • Barry F.

I had tried some other gardening services in the past but never got what I wanted until my friend suggested that I should contact Balham Gardeners. This company has a truly professional team of gardeners who know what they are doing. Every task is done to perfection and every detail is taken care of. This was my best experience in such services. True value for money for high standard garden care.

  • Macy T.

The garden clean up carried out by Gardening Balham was marvellously efficient, professional, and worth every penny. As a result of their work, my garden now looks fantastic, and I can't wait for the summer so that I can start putting it to good use.

  • Helena Carpenter

If you are like me and don't have a lot of spare time, I suggest you consider Landscaping Service Balham for garden maintenance services. They never let me down and always ensure my garden looks as good as possible. It saves me so much time and energy.

  • Joe Shame

Patio cleaning is my most hated chore so I have Gardening Company Balham take care of it. With their expert skills I am treated to a spotless patio in no time, while I need to do nothing.

  • Kieran

If like me you do not like gardening or do not fancy taking on any gardening tasks during the winter months then I highly recommend Gardening Services Balham. Never before have I seen a company work so hard and provide such quality in their services - simply amazing!

  • Madeline Bush

Balham Gardeners were amazing when my elderly parents needed help with weeding and lawn mowing. The gardening experts are reliable and arrive weekly armed with all of their equipment. Sometimes they help with patio cleaning and planting too. They supply a brilliant service and at a good price. I can't rate the company high enough they offer a brilliant service.

  • Carl Long

I've just used Gardening Balham for the first time and after seeing the results, I can say with certainty that it won't be the last. Their attitude was impeccable despite there being a mountain of work that need doing and they remained in good spirits until they bid me farewell after having completed all the jobs and having cleaned up my garden. I thoroughly recommend this company!

  • Josh Chesire

My hedges had slowly become overgrown and dishevelled, and I wanted to remedy that. Rather than taking an attempt at it myself that could just make things worse, I got Landscaping Service Balham on the job. Their team were able to handle all the work for me and ensured that things were done well. They helped me get my hedges the way I want them and so I will be using their services again in the future.

  • Kate Ashley

We needed lawn restoration and repair in our office front yard quite urgently. We were lucky to get Balham Gardeners to work for us on such a short notice. Their staff took active part in the planning process, taking notes of our suggestions and sharing some practical tips. They listened to our ideas, suggested changes and brought to the table all their knowledge and experience. The team ensured that the repairing process was carried out error free. They are surely one of the best gardening services I have come across in recent years.

  • Alex R.

Having just arrived back home after a long trip abroad, there was a mountain of rubbish and work that needed doing in my garden. The team of gardeners from Balham Gardeners worked quickly and efficiently and sorted everything out in no time at all. They were very polite and went above and beyond the common duty to ensure that I was left with absolutely nothing to do once they were finished. They really are the experts and are definitely worth calling if in need of a quality garden clearance service.

  • Joel

Our office building has had its landscaped gardens maintained by Gardening Services Balham for more than 5 years. I can confirm they are extremely cost-effective and professional and we are always delighted with the result.

  • Mandy

Landscaping Service Balham are the experts when it comes to reliable gardening and lawn moving services. They came highly recommended from friends and have lived up to their reputation in every way. Today my garden is the envy of all my relatives who keep asking me my secret and I proudly recommend your name.

  • Thomas

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